Arbroath v Rangers
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Arbroath v Rangers

over 40 points on cards
rangers are not getting it easy away from home this season and this looks another tough physical tie.
arbroath are struggling at the bottom of the table and having lost 8 times already badly need to turn things around quickly or it could be a drop to scotlands bottom division. i think they are quite lucky airdie are playing so poorly as that does give them room to breathe. there is some good young players in this side and plenty of experience but the defending at times this year has been woeful. 32 goals lost in just 13 games joint worst record.
after an excellent start rangers have been on pretty average form and only getting the job done in the 2nd half. i guess ally mccoist is on a bit of a hiding to nothing because if he drops any points he gets slaughtered, if they win then everyone says so they should. you cant really argue with their perfect league record but it is about time rangers done something in the cups to show this huge club is on the way back.
i dont expect a nice game tonight i think its going to be scrappy. its not the best park for open attacking football and teams at this level have to do what they have to do to slow rangers spl and international players down. that means picking up cards so i expect plenty of bookings tonight.
over 40.5 points on bookings with paddy at 1.83
10-yellow 25-red.
if there is a red has to be 2 yellows also.
no red has to 5 yellows.