Celebrity Big Brother
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Celebrity Big Brother

Luisa to win.
Ive watched this show right from the start and im very surprised by this price on the final day.
The bookies make Jim Davidson clear fav to win this and you can see why his jokes and patter have been brilliant and all through the show hes helped young Casey to get over her problems with Lee Ryan. But i think he may have ruined his chances a little in the last few days with some disrespectful comments about the housemates and one or two things hes said in the diary room.
Dappy is 2nd fav and has really won supporters with his laid back attitude and the way hes looked after other housemates. Im not sure he will win but being a pop star certainly helps his cause and plenty will vote for him.
Ollie is too quiet for me, a really genuine nice guy that ofcourse he also has a lot of fans because of his roles on other tv shows, but i dont see him winning. Sam has also been pretty much in the background since the show start.
The one contestant the bookies seem to have ignored is the person thats gave us the most laugh out loud moments and while she does not mess about and loves an argument I think Luisa has a great chance to win this and that there could be a shock result tonight, odds are too high.
Luisa to win Celeb Big Brother at 34.00 with betfair