Denmark vs Macedonia
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Denmark vs Macedonia

Macedonian national team have lot of problems in front of this European Championship. I will start with the last problem – the players were having problems to arrive in Denmark. The airport in Skopje was closed due to a fog, so they were waiting for some alternative option. Finally, they traveled to Bulgaria yesterday and arrived in Denmark tired. And just today they have to play the first match. That was the last problem. Macedonia have lot of handicaps even before. Of corse, the biggest blow was the injury of Naumce Mojsovski, the key playmaker in the national team. Mojsovski tore a ligament and outside collateral meniscus in his knee playing for his team Metalurg Skopje. He will be sidelined for a longer period and will miss the whole EURO 2014. Mojsovski is the type of player who will hardly be find an adequate replacement. But there are more. The left-back Filip Lazarov got also an injury. Obrvan has no player on that position and tried to call Rade Stojanovic, but he refuses to play for Macedonian national team after some misunderstandings in the past. I will also mention that Nemanja Pribak is unavailable for the first three matches. He got Macedonian passport, but must wait for two years since the last match he played for Serbia on the European Championship in 2012.Denmark, meanwhile, are great team, they are the official European Champions. They are also hosts on this tournament and that’s another advantage. Danish national team is generally rated among the top favourites to take the title, but now even more. The coach Ulrik Wilbek has excellent players and I believe they can go to the final. I expect a big win for Denmark.