Dunfermline v Rangers
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Dunfermline v Rangers

over 50.5 points on bookings.
it might not be so important in terms of the championship but i expect rangers to get a tough game at east end park.
rangers slumped to a woeful draw at home to stranraer the other day and its fair to say the fans were not happy with manager ally mccoist and his ultra-defensive style. looking from the outside i must admit they are correct. people in the media will point to rangers advantage at the top of the table but to pick a side at this level with no width or support for the strikers was pretty embarrassing. it shows he has a fear about the job and is scared of losing. ofcourse rangers will win this league but you do think they might be in for a shock at a higher level.
dunfermline, like rangers have been through a tough time off the park and its great the club is still going. ofcourse with money problems comes a sweep of the playing staff and so many of their big names or most important players had to move on. its a team of kids now but there is a good youth system and to be only a few wins behind rangers at this stage of the season is pretty good going. anything could happen to the gers, every day brings more problems with the boardroom etc, so the pars must keep it going in the hope there is some sort of slip up and they can profit.
i dont expect a nice game here i think its going to be quite tasty with some heavy challenges and a fair bit of needle. i was thinking of just going for a red card in the game but will just stick with plenty of points on the card count.
over 50.5 points on cards with paddy at 3.25
10-yellow 25-red
if there is a red has to be 3 yellows also.
no red must be 6 yellow cards