Higgins v Dale
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Higgins v Dale

dale to win (first 4 frames betting only)
i like this bet on dale to start well even if hes knocked out by higgins.
its been a long time coming but domanic dale got back among the winners in the weekend snooker shoot out tourney. yes i suppose 1 frame matches do help the players with much less talent but to be fair to the welshman he player some nice stuff and unlike previous performances took his chances when they came along. he arrived in germany with confidence sky high and easily took care of davis in round 1
higgins is always a danger but i dont think hes quite been himself having gone through a bit of tough time in the last few years. ofcourse he has an unbelievable potting game and can build breaks in any situation, higgins could win this title but i dont rate him quite as highly as the other top players in the game at the moment. i think hes on the way down and not quite at the standard we expect from the scotsman.
i like this bet on dale to start well, higgins has a bit of reputation for taking a little while to get going, sometimes one or two frames, so with dale enjoying his snooker at the moment i think we could see the welshman take a lead into the interval even if he loses the actual tie.
dominic dale to win the 1st session(first 4 frames) means….. either 3-1 or 4-0. at 5.00 with coral.