Liverpool v Everton
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Liverpool v Everton

over 5.5 yellows
this has a history of being physical with plenty of cards and with a night game i expect more of the same.
liverpool boss has done a terrific job there, i really like rodgers style, he plays nice football and has managed some big names in the dressing room very well. i suppose it helps when you have a world class star like swarez but the whole team has played well this season and a place in that champions league is still possible. will be tough though because sides like everton are also having a fine season.
martinez was also a fine choice as manager and also a very brave decision too because he had just been relegated. losing a manager that had done well in moyes and bringing in a boss from a championship side took bottle, but its really paid off as the football has been so much better and the side are in with a genuine chance to make the champions league. everton have been great to watch this year something we havent really said about them in a long long time.
i have no idea who will win this or if it will be high scoring or low scoring, its such a tough game to call one of the toughest of the season, but i do expect a very committed pair of teams to take the field and plenty of tackles to be flying in. should be a busy night for the ref.
over 5.5 yellow cards.