Macedonia vs Hungary
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Macedonia vs Hungary

Macedonia started the European Championship with a heavy defeat from Denmark, by then played better and managed to get positive results in the next two rounds: 16.01.2014. Macedonia – Austria 22:21 14.01.2014. Macedonia – Czech Republic 24:24 12.01.2014. Denmark – Macedonia 29:21 The best player in the team is Kire Lazarov from Barcelona. He played very good and he is the best goalscorer on this European Championship. However, the opponents know that and they will keep on Lazarov. The problem is that Macedonia have too little options when Lazarov is closed. Filip Mirkulovski is a good players, but he is unable to make the difference. Stojcevski will be missing the match due to injury, but Nemanja Pribak will play as left-back. Macedonia and Hungary played in the qualification for the Olympic Games 2012. Macedonia lost the most important match in their history and were eliminated. Even worse, Hungary have four wins on the four mutual games. Here are the results: 06.04.2012. Hungary – Macedonia 28:26 – Olympic Games Qualif. 13.03.2011. Hungary – Macedonia 29:26 – European Championship Qualif. 09.03.2011. Macedonia – Hungary 22:29 – European Championship Qualif. 29.05.1998. Hungary – Macedonia 29:20 – European Championship I believe the quality is on Hungarian side and I expect them to win this match.