McManus v Doherty
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McManus v Doherty

mcmanus to win.
its only 1 frame but i think these are good odds on the scotsman.
obviously these 2 players are good friends going back a long way and probably 2 of the old guard in snooker that we dont see so much of anymore apart from the early rounds. ofcourse a shoot out competition will give these guys their best chance of beating the young guns and top players as just the odd mistake can settle any one frame of snooker.
mcmanus is spending more time doing commentry as is doherty who also plays a lot of poker, but while these 2 wont be the guys fans are desperate to see they are still 2 experienced players that have a terrific safety game and can build a decent break when given the chance.
Its hard to call 1 game but i just think mcmanus should have been much much shorter for this tie simply because hes still playing well on the tour and putting in more effort. its probably going to be the slowest game of the day but i like these odds on the scotsman to sneak a tight win.
mcmanus to beat doherty at 1.83