North Queensland Cowboys v NZ Warriors
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North Queensland Cowboys v NZ Warriors

warriors really need to sort it out with a performance and this is a nice fixture to kick start their season.
cowboys have a win over canberra, hardly the greatest but a win anyway and a tight defeat at brisbane. i cant say ive been all that impressed with them so far and im a bit surprised so many experts are predicting a great season for them. yes there is some good forwards in the side and in jt they have a world class leader and half back, but i think their defending on the edges just aint good enough and they have a horrible habit of turning the ball over and taking too many chances near their own line.
warriors were awful on day 1 getting hammered by a fired up eels side. it was a tough start for sam tomkins and things didnt get much better last week as the dragons beat them on their own patch. theres no doubt nz have some terrific attacking options but the edge defence really has to befixed or the season could be over by the end of hope a lot of times been spent on the training field this week sorting it out anyway,
i think this is the right fixture for nz to sort things out and put on a decent performance. cowboys are not a great side, a good one but not a great one, so this looks a tight fixture with both posting a decent total, it could even be a draw at the end of 80 mins and go to golden point.
nz +8.5 with boyles at 1.80