Tottenham v Chelsea
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Tottenham v Chelsea

spurs to win(draw no bet)
i like the look of spurs this season, yes they lost bale but it seems as though the cash has been very spent by a manager that does his homework and puts a lot of time and effort into planning. i wouldnt say spurs have been outstanding in the opening few weeks but the team is picking up points, looking very solid and confident, and as we seen in wales playing all the final to the final whistle. a sure sign of a happy camp playing for the boss.
its not really gone to plan for the special 1 so far in his return to chelsea. as everyone keeps saying they dont really have an out and out goalscorer-well certainly not one thats in form and hitting the back of the net. ofcourse they will be in the mix when the title is handed out in the summer but the boss has a huge job on. losing to everton and also a shocking home result in europe has really put the pressure on.
AVB is desperate for a win over his old boss, he says they are no longer friends, i wouldnt say thats a reason to bet spurs ofcourse but it tells you this is a huge game and not just because both teams are in the running for at least a top 4 finish. this is not a fixture spurs have a good record in but if ever we are going to see them start to put it right it has to be now. spurs on top form, chelsea struggling slightly. i think these are really good odds for the home side but i accept if tottenham get the win it will be by just 1 goal in probably the tightest game of the epl weekend.
spurs(dnb) with sj at 1.83