Widnes v London
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Widnes v London

over 51.5 match points.
its early on and only day 1 of the season but weather looks perfect for a high scoring game.
widnes at home anyway, were one of the best sides to watch in super league and regulary posted huge totals even against the very top sides like wigan and warrington. i love the fact they didnt fear these sides and took the game to them and it resulted in a pretty successful season, maybe didnt quite make the play offs but were well clear of the bottom and certainly gave the season ticket holders good value for money. the good new is the manager has been able to keep most of his star players must admit i thought guys like hanbury would have been snapped up by top clubs.
london are just happy to playing rugby after another very very difficult pre season off the pitch. some expected the club to fold and sadly so many of their better players have moved on. this year they will look to youth- and to be fair have a pretty good system there- but with bookies predicting 30 points defeat here that gives you an idea of how low on quality and experience the side is. this year, with relegation no part of super league again, it will all be all about staying in the top league even now they look certs to go down.
depsite being short of quality i do think london can score some points here, you always get chances against widnes because of the way they like to move the ball around and entertain. i expect a high scoring game the biggest total of all the matches this weekend and well over 50 points.
over 51.5 match points with boyles at 1.80