Wigan v Hull Kr
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Wigan v Hull Kr

over 9.5 tries.
both these teams can score points but have a big problem with their edge defence so it should be an open game.
hull aint won yet and the pressure is trying to build on their aussie manager. to be honest i expected him to leave at the end of last season, once again rovers were well short of the quality to take on the top sides and the early signs are that we will see them struggle again. dobson is such a huge loss he was their playmaker but the main issue is always defending. they are just not strong enough on either side of the park.
wigan were well beaten by roosters in the world club championship and havent started the new season at all well. losing heavily to giants and a 1 point defeat to cas last week, they were hardly brilliant against wakey but did post a good total. defence is usually a strong area for wigan but thats not been the case so far, they average around 5 tries lost so far which is way too high for a side we expect to be successful once again.
i expect an exciting open game here with both teams posting a nice total, as i said both teams are not great in defence but they can score points and make breaks so it should be a high scoring match.
over 9.5 tries at 2.10 with ladbrokes