Zenit v Dortmund
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Zenit v Dortmund

i expect a very tight 1st game here so good value on zenit not to lose the game.
dortmund wont be winning the german title this year, in fact with the way bayern are playing it might be a long time before any other side even gives them some sort of challenge. still i suppose it allows dortmund to put more effort into the CL campaign, ofcourse they would love to make another final but will have to perform a lot better than they did at the weekend losing 3-0 to a very poor hamburg side. i think there is always an issue with this sides away form not just in europe but in the domestic league. its a great team yes with so many talented players but theres no doubt they much prefer playing at the westfalonstadion
zenit top the table but are in the middle of a winter break. ofcourse this makes things very difficult for the coach how do you keep players ticking over or check form and fitness with no competitive football ? its tough but they have just had to play friendly games and get on with it. one thing we do know is that their home record is pretty good and this is a squad that cost a lot of money to put together. im not saying they are better than the germans but i do think its a tie zenit will believe they can get through. its not the worst draw far from it.
as i said it should be very close and probably low scoring, no one wants to lose the tie on the first leg, so 0-0 or 1-1 is possible.
zenit+0.5 with vic at 2.14