Tipster Competition Rules and Information

Tipster Competition General Information

1) The tipster competition is more of a way for tipsters to get in touch with each other and provide good picks so everyone can benefit from the different knowledge and experience that each has to offer.It is more than just a simple tipster competition as it’s main purpose is to create a trustworthy tipster team which people can follow on a constant basis and win money at the online bookmakers/betting exchanges in the long run.

2) Anyone who wishes to enter the Smart-Betting Tipster Competition is asked to go to our tipster application page and fill in the application.In about 24-72 hours they will receive a e-mail with the response on whether they have been accepted or not in the Tipster Competition.

3) The tipster competition will be held on a monthly basis.

4) There is only one winner, know as the “Tipster of the Month”.

(the winner is usually rewarded with a cash prize, also the number of the tipsters rewarded can be more than one, the number can be subject to change, to stay up to date with the number of tipsters rewarded and the size of the monthly rewards, you can follow the Tipster Competition Forum; at the beginning of each month the number of tipsters rewarded and the rewards for the current month will be announced)

5) The Tipster of the Month will be determined by 4 main factors:

5.a Total profit from the Tipster Competition Previews and Picks.
(the total profit the tipster has managed to achieve during the month)

5.b The quality of the posted Tipster Competition Previews and Picks.
(the quality of information along with the preview and how soon were the previews posted and how many of them were introduced in the Smart Betting Premium Tips database. )

5.c Smart Betting Forum activity.
(the general activity the tipster has had within the forum, number of posts, number of topics started etc.)

5.d Smart Betting ROI
(Smart Betting Return on Investment indicator, which is based on the picks posted during the current month)

6) Administrators are not eligible for prizes and awards.

Tipster Competition Rules

1) All sports betting previews/tipsters competition tips will have to be written in a correct and understandable English language.

It doesn’t help anyone if a tipster writes a tip or a preview for a sporting event and nobody can understand what they are trying to say. Also new applicants for the tipster competition should know that a clear and understandable English language is a must.We place a lot of thought in the previews that are offered along with the pick.

2) Each sports betting tip will have to be posted at least 2 hours before the sports event begins.

We would like a preview to be posted maybe 6-8 hours before the event start so our users can actually get around to reading the preview and placing the correct bets.But we understand that some tipsters make their betting decisions and are able to write their previews only a few hours before the start of a certain sporting event, but the minimum limit is 2 hours.

3) No more than 10 units staked on one single sporting event and not every pick should have 10 units stake.

When a tipster covers a certain sporting event, he is allowed to post as many picks as he want on that sporting event but the total stakes should not be more than 10 units.As an example you have the Barcelona vs Real Madrid soccer match. You could go with two picks, Barcelona to win and under 2.5. The tipster will have to write two previews stating the arguments for each pick but the total sum of the stakes shouldn’t be more than 10. The two previews for the two picks should not be identical. Each tip should have it’s own arguments. Due to the fact that we have a ROI indicator, tipsters do not need to post 10/10 stakes for all tips.The stakes should reflect the confidence, the tipster has in it’s pick.If a tipster uses a flat staking system, he can post all picks at a lower stake, 5 or 4, and even though the profit might be lower, the ROI will show the true performance of the tipster.

4) Tipster Competition previews should be the tipster’s own creation.

Each sports betting preview that a tipster writes for the Tipster Competition should be the tipsters own creation. It is not allowed for a tipster to copy the creation of other tipsters from other tipster websites, or for a tipster to create a preview only from paragraphs of text stolen from other sports online resources.Some paragraphs of text can be included in the previews, but the source must always be specified.

5) Minimum 10 picks posted per month.

In order to be eligible for the Tipster of the Month prize, a tipster must have at least 10 picks posted during that particular month.


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