Argentina v New Zealand
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Argentina v New Zealand

2nd half highest scoring.
Argentina have been the whipping boys in this competition so far but there was some good signs in the last match with the Aussies as they at least kept it close and made a game of it. We know this side loves the physical side of the game and they can get a bit nasty in the scrum, but its going to take a super defensive performance tonight to get anything out of this fixture.
NZ are joint top with the game in hand and a perfect record, actually this is as close to the perfect rugby side as you get. Power, strength and a superb back line they can strike from anywhere on the field. SA winning though means we could see a winner talkes all match in Johannesburg next week and home advantage is so massive.
I dont think much of the way Argentina play but it can be a tough side to defeat- they slow you down and spoil matches. Thats why i go for more points in the 2nd half. NZ will win no doubt about that but i can see a lot of the scores coming in the final 20/30 mins when the big forwards start to tire and theres a bit more space to attack.
Highest scoring half- the 2nd half with bet 365 at 1.83