Burnley v Hull
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Burnley v Hull

hull to win on draw no bet market.
this should be tight and low scoring but hull have better attacking options.
i cant say ive been at all impressed with burnley or their manager, yes there is a very good argument for saying just getting to the top league is a fantastic achievement but 3 months in now not only have they failed to win a game they aint even really put up much of fight. i didnt like their managers interview after the arsenal game- talking about them as though its one of the top teams in europe and just being level at half time is something to be proud of- it was a 3-0 defeat another bad result. If they dont change that attitude i think they might go full season without winning.
Their attack is very poor, its one thing not to be scoring but this side often dont even look like getting shots on target. just 4 goals in 10 games.
bruce is a manager i like, yes his record this season isnt brilliant just the 2 wins but the side has drawn 5 and could easily have picked up one or two more wins. played well at arsenal and liverpool, unbeaten, also a good performance at home to palace. hes got a few injuries at the moment but hull will be fine this season. its an experienced squad although i couldnt explain the dawson signing he will cost them points in future but is thankfully missing tomorrow.
it will be tight, very low scoring, and burnley are desperate for a win but hull have more quality in their attack though so i think they sneak it.
hull draw no bet at 2.20