Chelsea v Stoke
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Chelsea v Stoke

over 2.5 yellow cards.
stokes only chance is to get in about chelsea here so i expect a busy day for the referee.
there was never much doubt that mourinho would do a top job for chelsea and get them back winning things, or at least in the running to be successful once again. the premiership is possible but a cup win or even another good run the CL would be a nice bonus. Chelsea look strong and powerful even if they do still lack an out and out goalscorer. Hazzard and Oscar are both having a super season.
Stoke boss Hughes is trying to change the style and play a bit more open and i think to be fair to him there has been some examples of this side being a lot better with the ball and some terrific goals scored. but they do seem to be getting drawn into that massive scrap at the bottom and really you could through a blanket over about 9 sides in the lower half. there isnt a great deal of difference between these sides anyone could be relegated if their form is poor in the next 2 or 3 months.
stoke are never feart of a tackle and like to make these games a little bit physical, thats their only hope of winning a game that turns into a bit of scrap so chelsea are brought down to the same level. thats why i go for at least 3 yellows in this cup tie.
over 2.5 yellow cards with bwin at 1.50