Inter v Celtic
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Inter v Celtic

over 2.5 yellow cards for Celtic.
Celtics only chance to get through this tie is to make it a bit of a scrap so theres sure to be plenty of bookings.
The scottish giants are clear again at the top of the league and while everyone will point to Rangers being in a mess struggling a league below thats not really Celtics issue. They can only beat what is in front of the them and with a cup final coming up the supporters are quite rightly talking about a possible treble. Manager made a tough start but its fair to see RD is getting it right now and it was unfair the way some journalists attacked his methods without giving him enough time to get his message over.
Inter, while on slightly better from continue to struggle in Italian league so this is obviously a huge match for them. I am not a big fan of the competition over there standard seems to be dropping every year so its strange to see both Milan clubs mid table. I always think some big name players believe a move to Italy is a way to keep the huge salary but relax slightly as expectations wont be quite as high as in Spain or Eng. Still Inter has some good options in Poldoski and Shaqiri so it will be a tough night for the Scots.
I think Celtic need to slow the opposition down and will have to pick up some cards do it, only 3 seems a cert to me.
Celtic total yellows- over 2.5 with bwin at 1.62