London v Castleford
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London v Castleford

over 10.5 tries.
both sides can score points but also lose a few too so this should be the most open game of the super league fixtures.
london are a bit of a shambles at the moment, had serious cash problems and didnt even know if they would be kicking off the new season. so a lot of players have moved on and as many as 17 have been given debuts in the opening few rounds. its a pretty bad situation for coach rea and to be honest even at this point in the season there is no doubt they will go down. their attacks been a bit better the last few weeks but they average 47 points lost a game that is an unbelievable total. they are hopeless defending the edges and on the goal line.
cas have made a terrific start and had a perfect record before losing to salford at the weekend. it was a tight one, and was always going to be a tough fixture, but in the end the best side won on the day. overall their attack has been brilliant and the tigers do have some great options. everyone said they would really miss chase but no star man means we are seeing much more from terrific young talent like clarke and sneyd. id say cas have scored as many well worked tries as any team in super league so far, even leeds or saints.
london are a very poor side but we have seen them scoring points in most games and this is match their young team will fancy. ofcourse cas will win the game as a 22 point start suggests but ive a feeling it will be quite end to end with plenty of breaks. 11 tries is a lot in most games but now when london are involved and there is so much space for the opposition to attack.
over 10.5 tries with lads at evens.