NZ Warriors v West Tigers
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NZ Warriors v West Tigers

over 44.5 match points.
2 teams that can score points but do lose soft tries too.
tigers have really surprised a lot of experts and pundits, and maybe even themselves, with their terrific performances in the last 2 games. most said they were too weak to challenge and having been beaten by st geo on day 1 it did look like it could be a long season. but they hit back with the win at titans, putting 48 points on the board, and also beat what many believe to be the best side in the comp, souths last weekend.
their attacking play at times has been wonderful, robbie farah showing why hes still a world class player that can control games against any opposition.
NZ got the win against Cowboys and that should build some confidence for this match. To be fair in their 1st couple of games there has been very few positives, getting hammered by eels as bad a start as you can get and against ST george their defence just wasnt strong enough.
Theres no doubt warriors have a terrific attack but i really do wonder about their desire and ability to defend.
I think we get an end to end game here and while the spread is quite high im confident it will be over.
over 44.5 match points with bwin at 1.85