Scotland v New Zealand
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Scotland v New Zealand

scotland have done enough so far to suggest they can give the all blacks some problems in this world cup tie.
ofcourse if any team in the comp is going to challenge the aussies its going to be their near neighbours and most bitter rivals new zealand. this is such a powerful side with some realy strength in the forwards and ofcourse a back line that can post points from anywhere. i have to say though in this competition, in the group stages, their defence was not great so that could be their downfall when it comes to meeting the other top nations and england.
scotland have really entertained us and its fair to say their half back combo is probably as good as any side at the finals. scotland can score points and create with brough really running the show but sadly theres a lack of power in the middle and too many soft tackles near the line. scotland have next to no chance of winning this game a 40 odd point start says it all, but one thing we will see from scotland is plenty of effort and a group of bravehearts that are proud to wear the jersey. the scots will be desperate to show the bookies up and at least lose with a fight.
theres no doubt who will win this but i must admit i thought this start was way too high. its not the best time of year for scoring points and as i said the scots do have the quality to post a couple of scores. i think nz to win by say 20-30 points is probably about right.
scotland+44.4 with wh at 1.80